Thrawn: A Star Wars Fan Film Teaser

Earlier in the Fall, I composed the score (inspired by Thrawn’s original theme from Rebels by Kevin Kiner) to Thrawn: A Star Wars Fan Film Teaser. It was released on YouTube towards the end of November, and then a few days later, The Making of Thrawn: A Star Wars Fan Film was released, which also features my music. It is being created by ACOY Productions, and you can subscribe to their YouTube channel if you want to stay updated on any new releases, and check out their Patreon page if you would like to contribute to the creation of the film.

The Elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air

At the beginning of October I participated in Video Game Music Academy‘s, 7 Days of VGM. The goal is to “write at least 2-4 bars of new music everyday for 7 days straight.” It starts on the 7th of every month, and October’s theme was “The Elements.” Every day a different element was presented, along with a short phrase to use as a composition prompt:

1. Earth (Song of the Earth Mother)
2. Fire (Burning Destruction)
3. Air (Soaring on the Wind)
4. Water (Peace and Tranquility)
5. Wood (Lost in the Forest)
6. Metal (Forged of Steel)
7. Aether (Mysteries of the Void).

Unfortunately, I got a late start and also had a few other hang-ups throughout the week, so I wasn’t able to do the last three, but at least I was able to finish the first four, more common elements. Originally, I posted them on social media in the order that they were presented by VGM Academy, but here I’ve presented them in “ascending” order: Earth, Water, Fire, Air. I hope you enjoy them!