Nerds That Geek Theme and Nerds That Speak Theme

A while ago, I composed a theme for the Nerds That Geek website, as well as a theme for the Nerds That Speak podcast. They sound similar because the main rhythms I used are Morse code for the letters ‘NTG’ (-./-/–.) and ‘NTS’ (-./-/…). So far, you can hear the Nerds That Geek Theme used in interviews from Denver Pop Culture Con 2019 here (Interview with Dacia Arnold at DPCC 2019) and here (Interview with C.R. Richards at DPPC 2019). Stay tuned to the Nerds That Geek podcasts page for upcoming Nerds That Speak podcasts. In the meantime, you can listen to the two themes in the media player.


Movie Mumble podcast, ‘There Will Be Blood’

On Sunday, Nerds That Geek posted Episode 22 of the Movie Mumble podcast: ‘There Will Be Blood’. Listen as Joel, Scott, and I “dive into a story revolving around the life of an oil prospector in the midst of the oil boom, and his apparent love of milkshakes.” As a prelude, listen to the various themes in the media player.