“My name is Optin Akrami. I will start my Junior year at the University of Denver this fall. I study voice in the Lamont school of music. I have known Tim for the past 2 years. Aside from his professionalism and competency, he exerts a high level of teaching skills in his tutorial sessions. He is very thorough in his sessions and a very good motivator as well. I learned a lot from him and I would be the first to recommend him in his tutorial endeavors.”
– Optin Akrami, student at the University of Denver’s Lamont School of Music

“Tim beautifully arranged Joaquin Rodrigo’s Cuatro Madrigales Amatorios for my graduate recital for string quartet. I loved his arrangements, each song had a new depth and beauty and it added a lot to my recital.”
– Teresa Castillo, soprano (www.TeresaCastilloSoprano.com)

“When I was struggling in music theory my teacher recommended Mr. Girard. I have never been tutored before but especially needed help in music theory. He was very helpful and cared about how I was doing. Besides just helping me get through my homework, he also helped teach some things that I got behind in or just missed in class. He was very flexible with meeting times and places and understood if I had a sudden change in schedule. I highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking a tutor.”
– Izzy Holman, student at the University of Denver’s Lamont School of Music

“I have enjoyed sharing Tim’s music with the band students at the University of Rhode Island. His marching band arrangements are well crafted and engaging, and the concert band work we commissioned was imaginative. His sincerity and passion are always evident.”
– Dr. Brian M. Cardany, Associate Director of Bands at the University of Rhode Island

“Tim came to our production meetings with actionable ideas about how to tie the music with our horror comedy short, Date. In the end, he delivered a great soundtrack in a timely fashion.”
– Jonathan Forisha, writer (www.JonathanForisha.com)

“I have taken music theory and guitar lessons from Tim and have immensely enjoyed studying with him!  As a working professional, fitting in practice and study assignments can be very challenging at times, especially when work involves significant travel.   Tim has been incredibly patient and flexibly with his schedule when these work demands arise.
I have very much appreciated Tim’s music theory teaching methodology and, as a study who has studied keyboards for many years, he has been extremely patient in teaching guitar.
I highly recommend Tim for music theory and instrumental lessons.  He is extremely knowledgeable, dedicated to his craft, approaches teaching from a holistic basis, intertwining real world experience and theory and, immensely patient.”
– Don Sicard

“Tim Girard engraved a beautiful score and parts for my Perceptions for Orchestra, a work from the 1970’s. The heavily used parts (hand written and ‘blackline’ printed) were falling apart; the new materials engendered Perceptions’ reentry into the active repertoire with the Lamont Symphony Orchestra’s June 2019 performance, under the baton of Lawrence Golan.
I’m pleased to recommend Tim Girard’s skills and services to anyone.”
– Glenn Spring, composer

“When creating my short film Spirit Animal, I had not only specific sounds and rhythms in mind for the soundtrack but emotions and moods as well.  Describing the emotions and moods I wanted conveyed through music was more difficult, especially for someone who tends to be much more visually oriented rather than musically oriented such as myself.  But working with Tim Girard was absolutely seamless and I couldn’t but help feel as though he and I were on the same page from the moment we met to discuss the project.  Working with Tim, he understands absurdly vague prompts such as ‘I want this scene to convey the nostalgia of hanging out with your bros in the 80s’ or ‘I need an ambient track here – something mystical and without end but with enough rhythm to hold your attention’.  Every time I gave Tim a ridiculous direction like one of the above he knew exactly what I meant and delivered me that exact thing.  And you know what?  In addition to all that he was just a great guy to have dinner with as well.  And I find that important too, you spend a lot of time with other people when working on a film – they should be good people!  Working with Tim didn’t feel like working at all, it felt like making art with a great friend.  I couldn’t recommend him enough as a composer.”
– Joseph Sweredoski, filmmaker/producer (www.JoeSkiProductions.com)

“Tim was a great composer to work with! He’s very considerate and collaborative and helped me realize a completely original score for my video, I Can Diglett. I would highly recommend working with Tim – one of the few people I know that’s sincere about his recommendations and passionate about his craft.”
– Michael Johnson, writer/director (www.MichaelHyonJohnson.com)

“I highly recommend Tim as an excellent tutor in aural skills and music theory.  He is very knowledgeable, patient and kind.  He helped me understand complex concepts that went too fast in the classroom by giving me a very clear step-by-step explanation with examples and exercises.  This is helping me play and listen to music in a whole new way.”
– Mary Brauer, amateur pianist

“Tim is an extremely knowledgeable music theorist, as well as a fantastic teacher. I always feel enlightened after working with him. He is really good at digging into the details from the score, and making complicated concepts easier to be understood. Besides that, he always smiles and he is such a wonderful person!”
– Yi Jin, choral conductor (yi.jin4@mail.mcgill.ca)

“I remember Tim at Global Game Jam being someone who already knew exactly what he had to offer.  The rest of us from memory were still figuring out our strengths and weaknesses, chaos for 48 restless hours.  Tim showed up, as professional as he was friendly helped direct our team by asking all the right questions to ask.  Seemed to naturally help drive our needs by quickly integrating into our project.  My experience with Tim during that time put perspective on the importance of a good Composer.”
– Brandon Jenks, VFX artist

Composer, Arranger, Orchestrator, Engraver, Teacher

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