Movie Mumble podcast, Cycle Three Recap

On Sunday, Nerds That Geek posted Episode 9.5 of the Movie Mumble podcast, our ‘Cycle Three Recap’.  Cycle Three consisted of ‘The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou’ (Joel’s pick), ‘La Haine’ (Scott’s pick), and ‘Pollock’ (my pick). Hear our  final thoughts and observations on these films before next month’s brand new cycle begins. You can get in the mood by listening to the themes in the media player.

Movie Mumble podcast, ‘Pollock’

On Sunday, Nerds That Geek posted Episode 9 of the Movie Mumble podcast: ‘Pollock’. Listen as Joel, Scott, and I discuss “an acclaimed film that celebrates the life and the work of painter Jackson Pollock” As a prelude, listen to this newly added theme in the media player.