Film Credits


Thrawn on Indiegogo (2021) (film by Stephen Mathis)

Thrawn: A Star Wars Fan Film Teaser (2020) (film by Stephen Mathis) 

Conan Vs Zombies (Part 1) (2020) (film by Emil Acevedo)

Captain America Vs Trump: A Bernie Sanders Tribute (2019) (film by Emil Acevedo)

Frozen Terror 1: Apocalypse LEGO 10 Year Anniversary Remastered (2019) (film by Emiliano Acevedo)

Aura (2017) (film by Linh Ngo)

I Can Diglett (2016) (film by Michael Johnson)

Date (2016) (film by Jonathan Forisha)

Spirit Animal (2016) (film by Joseph Sweredoski)

Synthia (2015) (film by Linh Ngo)

Black Nascar Driver (2005) (film by Eric Altieri)

Earth: The Final Hour (2001) (film by Richard Brownell)

Composer for Film, Television, Video Games, Theatre, and the Concert Stage

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