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A Song a Day

Lately, I’ve been trying to rethink of the way I compose. I want break myself out of some habits, and I’ve also been wanting to get better at using different DAWs (Logic, GarageBand, Ableton Live, and most recently Soundtrap). So I came up with the idea to challenge myself to write “A Song a Day” as a way to push myself to be less particular about every little detail and just finish a song. If you’re interested in my progress, you can follow me on YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

A few new tracks…

Back in August I participated in a few contests and here are the results. The first was for Sample Library Review’s Soundiron Bumper Scoring Challenge. I was given a 10 second video logo to compose music for, using mostly Soundiron libraries. Had I won, my entry would be the official music for that logo. While I probably can’t publish the logo with my music, you can view the video here, and then listen to “Iron Sound” to get the gist. The other contest, through ThinkSpace Education and Spitfire Audio, was to compose a 2-3 minute piece using only Spitfire Labs libraries ($3 each and the money goes to charity). “Cold and Hollow” was the result.