Always Approaching, Never Reaching


Bass Cannon: Cogs from Space Hell

Captain America Vs Trump: A Bernie Sanders Tribute

A Cat and a Bird

Cold and Hollow

Complements I

Complements II

Complements IV

Complements V

Conan vs Zombies

A Conversation Between a Man and a Computer


Detective Backbeat

The Elements: Earth

The Elements: Water

The Elements: Fire

The Elements: Air

Everything’s Coming Up Rosies 1. The Happiest of Happy Days

Everything’s Coming Up Rosies 2. I Can’t Say Goodbye to You

Everything’s Coming Up Rosies 3. It’s Men’s Work

Everything’s Coming Up Rosies 4. Chorus of Rosies

Everything’s Coming Up Rosies 5. Goodbye

Everything’s Coming Up Rosies 6. Bringing Our Boys Home on a Wing and a Prayer

Four to Fifteen

Innocence Amidst Danger

Invaders from Sector 255

Iron Sound

Jungle Jeep Chase

Lobsters’ Fight Song and Sumo Wrestlers’ Theme

A Man on a Bike Finds an Injured Baby Girl Raccoon

Memories of Earth


Movie Mumble: Theme

Movie Mumble: Dragon Lord

Movie Mumble: The Sky Crawlers

Movie Mumble: Koyaanisqatsi

Movie Mumble: Intermission

Movie Mumble: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Movie Mumble: Chopping Mall

Movie Mumble: Shin Godzilla

Movie Mumble: Pi

Movie Mumble: The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Movie Mumble: La Haine

Movie Mumble: Pollock

Movie Mumble: Gods of Egypt

Movie Mumble: Need for Speed

Movie Mumble: Freddy Got Fingered

Movie Mumble: The Fugitive

Movie Mumble: The Shining

Movie Mumble: Donnie Darko

Movie Mumble: The Exorcist

Movie Mumble: Blade Runner

Movie Mumble: The Matrix

Movie Mumble: Christmas

Movie Mumble Theme: Orchestra

Movie Mumble: Rocky

Nerds That Geek Theme

Nerds That Speak Theme

Ninja Fight

Paradiddle Paradiddle

Piano Music for a Sleepless Night

Pollock #1


Rope Ninja Boss Battle Music

Rope Ninja Level Music

Rope Ninja Suite

The Runner (composed by Alev Lenz)

Scenes from The Path I: Genesis

Spring Clip Rescore

Stargirl Scene

Stranger’s Theme: Out of Hell

Stranger’s Theme: Unholy

Stranger’s Theme: Brother vs Brother


Thrawn: A Star Wars Fan Film Teaser

Thrawn on Indiegogo


Untitled 1

Untitled 3

WestWorld Chase Scene

A Winter Carol

Wonder Woman: Main Title

Wonder Woman: Cheetah Attacks!

Wonder Woman: “Shadowy Man”

Wonder Woman: Fight Music

Wonder Woman: Ares Fight Music

Wonder Woman: A Real American Heroine / Diana and Steve

Wonder Woman: End Credits

Yellow Background, Blue Spheres, Black Segments, and White Circles

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